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Always the best quality, most tasty and indulgent foods we have found. Available directly through our website.

“High quality food and
top-class service, would
highly recommend.”

Piers Morgan

Cider and treacle Ham

Hams from Crowley’s of Suffolk are prepared, cured and glazed solely by hand, to a revived, decades old, traditional recipe.

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Pork Pies

Our Pork pies are 500g of the finest handmade pie from Lincolnshire. The pastry is simply the best.

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Our Streaky Bacon is 1Kg of the finest dry cured, thin cut pancetta style streaky bacon from Suffolk

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Our Full Collection

All our hams are lightly smoked, poached in cider and black treacle, rested in liquor for several days, skinned, coarse demerara sugar is rubbed into the fat by hand and then flash-roasted to produce the perfect glaze. Delicious!

Garlic tapenade - Square - (3)
Pork Pie (4)
Chicken and Ham Pie (4)
Streaky Bacon (2)
Dry Cured Back Bacon (2)
Smoked Duck Breast (3)
Cider & Treacle Collar Ham
Cider and Treacle Ham Slipper (4)
Cider and Treacle Ham Corner (3)
Smoked Salmon
Cider & Treacle Ham


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