Cider & Treacle Slipper Ham


As with everything we do, we start with the very best product. All three hams, Slipper, Collar and traditional back leg Hams come from free range pigs from either Blythburgh or Dingley Dell Farms, world leaders in animal husbandry welfare. The pigs live outside in their natural environment, free to roam and rummage, travelling no more than ten miles to slaughter. They are happy and “slow grown” which produces unstressed meat with perfect marbling and unique fat, where the true flavour lies.

All hams are brined and lightly smoked over smouldering oak (90%) and beech (10%) shavings for two days. They are then poached in a mixture of Cider and Black Treacle for nine hours. They are left to “cure” in the mixture for four days, being turned once every twelve hours. They are then removed from the cure, skinned, rubbed with coarse Demerara sugar and flash roasted. The process produces a sweet dark glaze and fully flavoured fat.

The result is, we believe, the best ham in the country.

They are best served at room temperature and may have a small quantity of moisture when first opened which should be removed with kitchen paper.
For best results, slice as thinly as possible and serve with Crowley’s of Suffolk Green Tomato Chutney, Orange Marmalade, Apple & Chilli Jelly or Summer Fruit jams.