Welcome to Crowley’s of Suffolk, home of luxury hampers and great food from Suffolk and across Europe.

Our Christmas hampers are different because a large proportion of what goes into them is fresh and perishable. We offer you the best seasonal produce selected from France, Spain and England, and where possible from Suffolk.

Our Hampers

Crowley’s of Suffolk differs from other hamper suppliers owing to the quantity of fresh produce they contain. It makes for a nightmare of logistics but perfect hampers.

A great deal of thought goes into the contents of each of our hampers. We aim to select the very best of things that people would not perhaps consider or be able to source themselves, where possible supporting small, artisan producers in Suffolk and all over Europe.

Our aim is to provide a range to fit all budgets for hampers that are perfect for the home, as gifts for friends, family or thank you for business colleagues and associates.

All our hampers come with detailed serving suggestions as everything in each hamper for a reason. The right combinations lift the best produce to a taste explosion.

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About Us

How did we become a Christmas hamper supplier? From the very start, our passion has always been for great taste and quality. We want to share that passion with you.

We’re a family of foodies, from experimenting with new tastes, to crafting classic dishes it has always been an ambition to deliver a great quality and tasting range of foods to the world. It felt natural to want to combine a range of foods to produce a hamper that can be enjoyed and is more imaginative and selective than the usual shop bought offerings.

Working closely with many local food producers we’ve selected the finest, the most exclusive and natural tastes for our luxury seasonal hampers. The result of years of work, our hampers combine flavours in a bold yet natural way to create flavour experiences that have to be tasted to be believed.

Our new 2020 hampers that are the perfect reflection of our passion for great tastes – share in that with us…