Wonderful smoked duck and the glaze on the hams… glorious!! Will be back for more as soon as I can.

Our hamper was a gift from a friend at Christmas. who ever knew there was such a thing as dark chocolate tequila, just gorgeous. As for the rest of the goodies, absolutely faultless.

What a Christmas treat this was. Total luxury, we particularly enjoyed the ham and the smoked duck breast, and the smoked salmon was superb. Would definitely order again for next year.

A good selection of food that you wanted to eat now rather than bury in a kitchen cupboard never to reappear! Beautifully presented and the ham in particular was fantastic.

Hi Tim, opening your hamper brought some real joy in a difficult year. Loved all the thought that had gone into the selection especially the local produce, great salmon, chocolates etc but the Ham deserves a review itself, probably the best I’ve ever had in the UK. Also fantastic that it comes in a box that can be usefully used! Big Thanks

Simply delicious – no doubt on of the best Hams that I have had and the duck breast delightful.

Everything we had in our Crowley’s of Suffolk hamper was truly delicious. Not like so many hampers where half the items get shoved to the back of a cupboard – everything in our Crowley’s hamper was devoured at speed! Absolutely excellent. Thank you.

I was very impressed with the hamper I received from you , which had been organised by Holt’s Auctioneers , whom I represent up here in the Highlands of Scotland.
I have not had an opportunity to taste the Ham as yet, nor the jars of preserves , as these current restrictions have stopped any visitors. However, I have opened , eaten , and thoroughly enjoyed the Smoked Salmon, the Smoked Bacon , and the Smoked Duck Breast.

The highlight of a lock-down Christmas ! Tim and his team are delivering next level goods here – the ham was succulent and delicately flavoured with a glaze to die for . I’d recommend the smoked duck breast and slipper too.
All delivered promptly to your door. Treat yourself – you wont regret it.

Received as gift. Glorious ham and smoked duck; very good smoked salmon and cheeses. An overabundance of duck rillettes and foie gras, as well as usual condiments. Chocolate tequila was the odd one out – would have preferred e.g. port or red wine. Overall – a substantial feast for several people, with leftovers enough to brighten several days after opening.