Smoked Duck Breast


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Two cured Smoked Duck Breast from Gressingham, lightly smoked and gently roasted to retain as much flavour and moisture as possible to make every bite bursting with flavour. Tender and delicate in flavour, smoked duck makes the perfect starter and salad, best served with fruit finely sliced to bring out the best flavour.


Recipe Suggestions

Smoked Duck Breast Salad –

Dressing- Honey Coarse grain mustard Lime or lemon juice Fine olive oil 1 x crushed garlic clove

Leaves- Watercress Wild rocket Spinach Peeled, thinly sliced golden kiwi

Toss the leaves in the dressing in a separate bowl. Slice the duck as thinly as possible and spread over the leaves. Place kiwi pieces on top. Grind of black pepper.



Duck, salt



Refrigerate below 5c

Additional information


350g (uncooked weight)

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